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Delivering premium backup power and scalable battery runtimes for servers, voice/data networks and storage systems, the Eaton 9PX UPS is the ideal solution for both rack and stand-alone installations.

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CCT Powertech has over 33 years experience providing energy related services and products to a wide variety of industries and businesses.



Eaton 9PX

Eaton 9PX features and benefit

• Reliability: With extended battery runtime options, hot-swappable batteries, internal bypass and optional maintenance bypass, the 9PX maximizes the availability of your IT systems

• More power: The 9PX allows you to connect more devices by providing up to 28 percent morewattage compared to traditional
• And More

Increases battery service life

Emergency UPS lighting requirements and related building codes are vital in commercial structures to facilitate occupant egress during a building fire or other emergency situation. Eaton's emergency lighting UPSs are UL 924 tested and certified, providing the industry's highest capacity and smallest footprint solution.

Lead-Acid Batteries

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