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    CCT INC. has been selling batteries for over 33 years. Over the last several years we have worked with the U.S. Navy, Marines, Army, V.A. Hospitals.

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    We have Installed UPS batteries for the Marines at Camp LeJeune (partnering
    with Vertiv on the install), MDI (for the Veterans Hospital in Oklahoma City for the
    Mobil CT Scanner), Rock Valley College & Veterans Hospital in Orland, Florida.
    Sold UPS batteries to L.A. Metropolitan Railroad and working on the battery installation for Division 24.

    Selling 2-way communication batteries to the Utilities, U.S. Military & Universities.
    Selling Biotech batteries to several of the V.A. Hospitals and the U.S. Navy Medical Center.

    Our President worked for Motorola battery manufacturing group as the Business
    Manager and our Vice-President worked for Liebert/ Emerson/ Vertiv for 16 plus
    years on the UPS and battery installations.

    We have the battery knowledge and
    we care about getting things done right for our clients.ded battery runtime with UCS management software.

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