RS Racks

Tool-less configuration
To reduce installation time, RS supports tool-less configuration of all key enclosure components, including:
econfigure IT equipment ª Mounting rails and ePDU brackets
ª Doors, top panels and side panels
ª Cable management and airflow accessories
• No downtime searching for tools to reconfigure IT equipment


• PDU outlets are color coded
• Have a locking mechanism to keep the plug in the outlet.
ePDU’s Outlets can be monitored
• PDU’s can be custom built for you.



Server configurations

Frame, rails (flush mount on front), sides, casters, top, full front and split rear doors with key lock swing handle and ePDU mounting brackets. Available in:
black (B) or white (W).
Height: 42U, 45U, 48U, 52U
Width: 600mm and8 00mm
Depth: 1000mm, 1100mm,1200mm


















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